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The mission of Comprehensive Divorce Solutions is to provide a comprehensive, personalized, compassionate approach to solving the needs of a divorcing client. Usually, an individual will contact an attorney first when they are contemplating divorce.  Speaking with a specialized financial professional, such as a CDFA, can make a world of difference in the potential result. I help my clients understand their current financial situation and provide a personalized roadmap for their post-divorce future. The most difficult thing for an individual going through this stressful time is to “picture” what their life will look like after those divorce papers are signed.  I continue to have a relationship with my clients after that point until they are ready to move forward into their new reality.

As a CDFA I provide the following services:

  • Litigation support for the attorney and client
  • Identification of short and long-term issues of equitable distribution
  • Identification of tax issues
  • Analysis of pension and other retirement plans
  • Determination of affordability of the marital home
  • Identification of affordable alternatives to the marital residence
  • Determination of the client’s insurance needs including life and health

I can also:

  • Provide data for detailed settlement scenarios
  • Appear as an expert witness in a litigated divorce
  • Collect financial data for purposes of Statements of Net Worth
  • Help identify future financial goals
  • Develop a budget
  • Set retirement objectives
  • Create lifestyle analysis and future lifestyle scenarios
  • Determine costs and funding options for children’s education

Because so many of the issues of a divorce involve the family finances, it is crucial to meet with a financial expert, evaluate your position, and understand what assets you have and how they get handled during divorce negotiations BEFORE you sit down with your legal counsel.

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